Denmark – We have arrived!

It’s official, we have arrived in Denmark! Now to start adapting to all things Danish.

The last few weeks have been something of a blur as we packed up our English life, I left my jobs and we flew across to DK, trying to find time to see as many people as we could before we moved. Naturally, we have had to leave some things behind we wanted to bring, we didn’t see some of our friends or family and, of course, we’ve spent more money than we ideally wanted to. But I guess that’s standard.

So, we are now in Denmark and are staying with my Mother in Law and her partner. We’ve actually been very lucky in this respect as it’s enabled us to have a small holiday before the next stage of the process begins; moving in.

We are using the time to see some family on the Danish side and to relax and recoup from what was a very busy final week in the UK. We are also visiting the necessary Danish authorities, such as the Kommune (or local/municipal authorities). Once we have done this, I will be writing a post containing all the things you will need to do as a European entering, and staying in Denmark. I will also be taking the time in the coming weeks to open bank accounts and other essentials and I will be letting you know all about this process too. The first thing I will need, however is my CPR Number.

In brief, the CPR (or Central Person Register) number is similar to the National Insurance Number in the UK – it identifies you as a person and is used by the local/national authorities as well as large organisations, such as banks. You cannot open a Danish bank account, for example, without a CPR number. You get the CPR when you register as being a resident in (or living in) Denmark on a permanent basis. More on this is future posts.

For now, I am getting used to the Danish way, enjoying some family Hygge and finishing the process of informing the UK authorities that I am no longer in the UK.

Until next time…

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