Residency, CPR Numbers, Tax (Skat) & Bank Accounts

We’ve now been in Denmark about a month, and in our new apartment for about 3 weeks and things are settling down nicely – we have sorted our internet and TV packages (high priority) and all the furniture is in and erected and everything is unpacked. We couldn’t be happier… Continue reading »

The UK Referendum, Denmark & Me…

The Referendum

Today (24th June 2016) the results of the UK voting in an historic referendum were announced. The UK public was asked a strikingly simple question: Should the UK remain a member of the European Union. The decision, however, was something that in reality was far from simple.   The debate… Continue reading »

Welcome to A Brit in Denmark!

Welcome to Brit in Denmark

Welcome.   Welcome to a Brit almost in Denmark Here’s the story; I am a British chap currently living in the UK with my Danish wife and our two gorgeous children. We have talked about the possibility of living in Denmark at some point in our lives but following a… Continue reading »